Collecting additional column data

When placing an order, my customers may have more than one delivery address, and are able to add guidance to drivers for each delivery address.

When adding an order (to the orders table), they choose which delivery address using the choice component. How can the order also include the driver guidance associated with that address.

Let’s assume that you store the Delivery Addresses in their own table (if you don’t, you should).

Let’s further assume that you have the following columns in that table:

  • RowID
  • CustomerID
  • Address
  • Instructions

When a customer selects a delivery address, you should be saving the associated RowID. You can then use that to create a single relation to the Delivery Addresses table, and then use a Lookup column to fetch the associated Instructions for that address.


Brilliant…will take a look

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It’s working now. Very very grateful


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