Code for images in line with text

Hello, everyone! I trust you’ve had a very productive week so far. Does anyone have a workable solution for having an image inline with text? This is the closest I’ve gotten (see below).

Rosinda Anthony

I’m currently building a choir app (65 members, excluding the band) and working on the attendance “form”; however, it is not built with the Form Button since it does not allow for editing. My workaround is to use the media image above the choice picker. I’m including the images because that would minimize errors in situations where a different admin might be taking attendance on a particular day and they’re not as familiar with the names associated with the faces. See the example below.
So, if anyone knows of a more efficient way to do this, please let me know.

I’ve wanted the same thing too. I put it in as a feature request. Only way I know how to do this is either using a markdown table (richtext component) or using a 1-item relation where the title is the text and the image is the image.

You can use markdown but there are some limitations. The text will not center horizontally with any image. Whether it is top or bottom aligned can also be arbitrary based on the Markdown render engine. This code below in aligns the text at the top but as you see in this forum it aligns it to the bottom.

|[![](upload://fNbBLV6miVSjyJiuGBp1NpLDf9j.png)](|text|More Text|A little more|
Text More Text A little more

@Robert_Petitto and @George_B, thank you so much for your responses. I’ll explore your suggestions and add them to my growing list of strategies.