Cloudinary Fetch

What stops anyone using your cloudinary credits to fetch and transform images?

are there alternatives to cloudinary?

Nothing, if you give people your credentials. But why would you do that?
Cloudinary does provide a number of options for securing your account. Look under Settings → Security.

I imagine so. What is it that Cloudinary doesn’t do that has you looking for alternatives?

Thank you Darren as usual ! your help is so highly apperciated.

I was wondering people don’t need to know my credentials if they only use my cloudinary ID they can construct a URL to fetch images online and use my credit… will dig deeper into the security options to find out how to stop that from happening.

I was just wondering on what other good alternatives there are to check out (i doubt there is anything they do that cloudinary cannot)

Yes, your Cloudinary ID (cloud name) is what’s needed to access the Transformation URL API. You should never give that to anyone. If you already have given it out or shared it, then it is possible to change it. (Google will tell you how).


To go into more specific details about what Darren said, you can find these settings under Settings > Security.

Only allow certain domains to fetch using your account.

4 Likes and are the alternatives that I know of. What I like about both of these alternatives is that you can leverage the contructURL column in Glide. Can’t really use Construct URL with cloudinary because of the way the parameters are crafted.