Clearing value without clearing google sheet formulae

I am using =GOOGLETRANSLATE function in a google sheet. The function of the app is to translate a given word or sentence. I want to reset each time a new word is provided as input. So, I would like to clear the value in the Answer column which uses GoogleTranslate. When I use Set Columns and Clear Value, it clears the formula = GOOGLETRANSLATE as well from the google sheet. Is there a way to avoid that and clear only the value in the cell?

Use two columns. One for your formula, and one for your manually translated value. Then use an if-then-else column to decide which column to display in your app.

Thanks, that took care of it.

One other thing is that there is a time gap for the answer to come from google sheet and be displayed in the app. Is there a way to avoid it? Either show a message “Please wait while we translate” and then have the translated answer appear after some time without showing the previous word’s translation. Currently, the previous words translation appears for some time and then gets replaced with the new translation. How do I create the time gap?

Just use a visibility condition to show your message when the translated column is empty. Then once the translation appears the message should disappear.

But, the translated column in the google sheet contains the translated message from the previous translation.