"Clear All" option when using Details Layout

All I want for Christmas is…

Can we please get a “Clear All Components” button on the Details layout? By default, all columns are added. I can see preloading them as being beneficial for simple apps, but in more complex apps, the list of components to clear is huge. A simple “clear all” button would really help.


@kyleheney agree would be good :relieved: as well as “delete all”

I’m getting pretty good at speed-clicking :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Ditto! It would need to have a confirm clear prompt though…wouldn’t want to accidentally clear everything. Maybe a prompt to clear all components only shows up the first time you visit a details screen?


Maybe a Global Setting, ie. “Pre-populate Details Layouts - true/false” ?

Absolutely, “are you sure” pop up which you must select before clearing the data else could be in some trouble.

Similar to this function, but with a message ”are you sure you want to clear” as opposed to delete


I wish this popped up every time you go to delete a column in the GDE as well…too many times I’ve accidentally deleted a lengthy ifthenelse and realized that undo doesn’t work on GDE.


Are you guys talking about that in the builder? Or in the actual app?


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So useful. I have, I think 30 components somewhere and I really just want to remake the screen.


Yes!! Also happened to me and I was staring my laptop screen like … :clown_face:

I still think that rather than an option to “Delete All” (which can accidentally go wrong), just Don’t. Put. Them. There. In. The. First. Place.

I can’t think of a single time where I’ve not deleted all default components when choosing a details layout. Isn’t the whole idea of the details layout so that you can build a custom layout from scratch?

Maybe just put a title component there so people don’t get confused when they see an empty components view. But nothing more. It’s not necessary.


I ran into this last week. I was creating detail views for tables with 300+ columns. Deleting that many components gives me early onset arthritis! :wink:


Maybe a prompt when opening the tab for the first time (“Hey, you want us to prefill this tab for you?” —yes/no)

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