Choose a location using the map

Hi Guys,

A quick one. Is there a way I can put a point of interest on a map ?

I want to a user to insert a location using a map. e.g location of an event (party/car show) or where the accident happened. (Assume you are not at the location)

In my part of the world (Caribbean) the address is not very accurate.

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type location, and it will show it on the map:

If I understand you correctly,
(1) first you would need a map to be generated (based on the user’s vague location),
(2) then the map would be converted to an image,
(3) and finally the user would be able to add a notation, for instance a circle, X or arrow, onto this image?

Also: When you say “addresses are not very accurate”, they are not accurate at all and therefore cannot be used, or would they still be acceptable as an input method to vaguely pinpoint a location?

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Correct, that is what I am trying to achieve.

Accuracy is a hit and mix, its getting better all the time but still not good enough

  1. some you get a very accurate hit on
  2. you may get multiple hits, road/street names are repeated in different areas
  3. Some roads/areas are not recognised/registered in google maps DB

Caribbean countries are small, so starting off with current user location in a zoom out view is fine. I was hoping to allow user to move the map around zoom in and drop a PIN. The issue with using an image with a pin is that I will not know the GPS location and hence I can’t then make the map clickable for users to use google maps directions.

@Uzo I did a test, and its not accurate enough, due to data for my region.

you probably make a typo, or address do not exist

Natively in Glide, I don’t know of a way of dropping a pin on a map and seeing the lat-lon coordinates returned.

You could try the following (maybe an experiment of a messy workaround?):
(1) In a text entry field, enter a place or address close enough to where you would want to place your pin.
(2) Display the lat-lon coordinates.
(3) Allow the user to hit + and - buttons to increase or decrease your latitude and longitude by a few degrees. You’d have to test so your pin would not move too far and not too little either.
(4) See the map move gradually and recenter around the pin.

Would that work? I’ve never tried this :man_shrugging:


@Uzo You are correct, the GPS in my test was actually accurate, but for some reason you gave me a different address back (not a big issue, as I am after the GPS) image

The other issue is that there are lots of roads like these that are not in the Google database, we don’t have postcodes and lot homes don’t have house numbers, they work of the utility lamp-posts or local knowledge. Most of the country is covered and will work fine with your tool.

Having said that, your solution could still be the best. Let me do some more testing. Thanks

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lol… that’s pretty impressive thinking… let me give it a shot just for research purposes …


You could also have a look at the following. Make sure you read the discussion between @Robert_Petitto and @Jeff_Hager.

Glide Fetch column

Glide JQ column


Let us know how it goes! :sweat_smile: