Choice Overlay - Update Tags from the inline list

Hi Glide Team,

Appreciate everything you do. Requesting to possibly have a feature where we can update the Tag overlay right from the inline list.

Right now, my Cards layout displays statuses via a Tag Overlay. Whenever I have to update the status I would have to tap to go view the details and update the choice component. Which is honestly not a big deal and I’m okay with how it is right now.

But, if this is possible. It would allow users of my app to quickly update statuses of each entry on the inline list.

Thank you!


Great request. Please submit it here and give us the link to vote.

Thank you @ThinhDinh! This was the first time I used the feature request app to submit a request.

Thank you!

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Oh and what would be great is conditions for when users can update the tag!

I. e., allow updating when ‘User who posted’ is ‘Logged in user>email’

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