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Hi Everyone, Kindly help for the following issue.

  • I am working on Jobs (Provider & Seeker) app.
  • I am using Choice component for Education, Branch, Subject.
  • After selection items from all three Choice components, when I change the Education, Branch gets initialized, but Subject do not get initialize.
  • This is my requirement. When I change the Education, both choice components, Branch and Subjects would gets initialized.
  • Two screen shots (1st & 2nd) attached for better understanding.

What are the conditions for these components? How do they suppose to initialize?

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So you want the second two to be filtered according to the choice in the first one?

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Thanks @Uzo and @Darren_Murphy for your prompt response.

Education name was carry forwarded up to Branch (i.e. 2nd level). Same is extended up to Subject (i.e. 3rd level) and I used it in filter in addition to Branch.

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