Checkbox mirroring across all rows


I have set up a checkbox column but wish for each checkbox to have the same value at all times. So if one box is ticked and therefore TRUE, I would want all boxes to follow suit and become TRUE automatically. Equally, if that checkbox is then unchecked and therefore FALSE, I would again want all boxes in the column to return to FALSE.

I have had a play around with different possibilities that came to mind but not been able to succeed so thought I would turn to the community to see if this is possible?

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

What about using an ARRAYFORMULA for this, or a “Single value” column?

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I knew it would be something so simple that I was very reluctant to even post about it :smiley: I actually started to head down the “Single Value” column route and talked myself out of it but now I have tried it, it’s worked as I so wish. Goes to show that a 2nd set of eyes and a 2nd brain can be very useful - it’s what makes this community so great!

Thanks for your help as always @ThinhDinh

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Great to hear Matt, as you said, sometimes a whole new set of eyes can have a fresher look at a problem. Here all day to help, have a nice day yourself and don’t hesitate asking questions!

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