💬 Chat Component: A Complete Walkthrough

I currently have my comments in “chat” style and sorted by date/time posted, with the oldest messages at the top and the newest messages at the bottom of the page.

When the chats get lengthy, like 30 or 40 messages, the app defaults to the top of the chat page, which means users have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to see the newest messages. You can close the chat, wait a few seconds and then reopen the app, and usually it will open to show the bottom of the page and the newest messages.

This is an annoying issue, and creates a barrier to users when engaging in chats. I could change the sort to flip the newest messages to the top, but almost every other chat app out there does the newest at the bottom, which is what users are accustomed to seeing.

Is there something I could do in order to have the chats open to the bottom of the screen?

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I think this is a valid concern. I don’t want to sort by newest at all, and wonder how others deal with this. As far as I’m aware, there’s no native fix for that.

Yes it is a big UX problem with this component. If you use the chat component alone to make it work, you cannot even put a breadcrumbs (so no way to go back to the previous page). I hope Glide will improve this component.

Have you sent a feature request?

Sharing in case of interest… I follow Bob’s tip and add buttons above the Chat component. They open a new screen with just the chat component, which helps with the formatting issues…


Ya. This is what I do to mitigate the scroll issue. (@tristan — UX issue that I should have mentioned yesterday)

I’m not sure I understand the tip. When a user clicks a particular chat group, it opens a new screen, and on the new screen the only component I have is the Comments component shown in the Chat format. The Chat is arranged with the oldest comments at the top, and the newest comments at the bottom like a traditional chat app would display. With this arrangement, the very first time the app is opened and a chat is clicked, the new screen shows the top of the screen, which in my case is the very first comment ever created. Ideally it would automatically drop down the the newest comment

Then you have it set up as @Simon_Hill and I are suggesting.

That’s how it’s supposed to work. If it’s not, submit a bug report.


I also like to limit the number of items displayed in the new window to say 5 items. Anything more will likely drop off the screen anyway.

Amazing walkthrough, got a chat and some comment components set up super easily.

Two things I’d like to do but can’t figure out:

  1. Tapping on a profile of someone who added a message to view that user’s profile – this seems like it should be doable? The data’s all there…
  2. Specifically mentioning someone (@usernamewhatever this is a message to them) or reacting to a message (like/love/etc) – from what I can tell this is not possible?

Any ideas?

The “image” itself isn’t clickable. You would have to create a button for that, but the action is so hideous on mobile I wouldn’t suggest you doing that (you have to right click or long press, if I recall right, for the dropdown of actions to show).

There’s a workaround here by @Dvir .

Ahh, it’s a long press or right click when you add an action, I see. Yeah, it’s not the cleanest, but it’s better than nothing (and you have to press so long that I don’t imagine people accidentally doing it). Will take a look at mentioning/tagging, thanks!

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