Change color of a single button in a button block

Hi Gliders

I am new to Glide and to this community chat and hope I am asking the right question in the right place, if not I apologise in advance :innocent:.

Is state:

  1. My Main Navi is Top aligned
  2. im using button blocks as sub navi


  1. can not change Background coor on clicked buttons


  1. is there a way to change the BG colour or icon colour for a clicked single button, that is part of a button block using CSS?
  2. Or is possible to give to a single button out of a button block a different color than rest of buttons?

Kind regads to all Gliders


If you have access to use CSS, please try this.

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Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

My buttons are “go to tab” not “open link”. Does it matter?



The example in the link is for anything other than “Open Link”. Please let me know if it works.


i tried, somehow i got the link, but i leads to a new page. Is it possible to get the color on the single button as go to tab?



Can you show me how you’re configuring that?


Thank you for your reply and for trying to help me. I am not a programmer and have minimal knowledge. I apologise for not understanding your solution.

here is my setup:

  1. im using button blocks as a subnavi
  2. buttons triggers “go to tab” function

Every button leads to a tab. This means im using the same button block in every tab.

The scenario in the picture is the administration. The first tab of the administration is visible, the other 4 tabs are not visible (the button block is the only component I could find to get buttons in a row and expand them automatically).

Users dont know visually in which tab they are

Why do you need this though, isn’t the left-hand-side nav bar sufficient?

i have to many tabs to handle, and i’d like to keep them in main navis. and i would like to keep the top navi view.

So those tabs you show in the button block are different from the tabs you show in the left-hand-side nav bar?