Change boolean column value on multiple rows on complex conditions

Hi folks, I am stuck with this problem. Can someone kindly put me on the right track please?
I have a jobs table populated with this form:

Among the data I added a choice for SUPPLIERS (multiple selection allowed) to order goods from, in order to process that job.
I made another screen with a list of suppliers to whom we need to place an order (for all jobs that need goods from that supplier).

Now the tricky part where I’m stuck. When the user clicks the button to indicate that the order to that supplier has been placed, I need to change a flag that indicates that the goods have been ordered in the jobs table. This boolean field only needs to be set to true when an order has been placed for all suppliers listed for that job.

Tables wise, i put the results of the suppliers choice in an array column in the jobs table. The suppliers table has a multiple relation with the supplier array column of the jobs table.
With this structure I can’t find a way to do what I need, but I can’t find a better solution. Any ideas are appreciated!

Wouldn’t you want the status that “all orders have been placed for all suppliers” be automatic instead of having a button to do so?

Would the list of jobs for each supplier change by time? I.e you can add a job to a supplier any time?

Thank you for the reply! I am afraid I have not explained myself well.

We print clothing that we order from suppliers at the request of our customers.

When a customer places an order with us I enter a job in the job table.

For each job I need to place an order with one or more suppliers (those specified in the job entry form).

When I place an order with a supplier I order the goods for multiple jobs. I would like the value of the “did I order the material?” column, on the jobs table, to be set to true. The problem lies in the fact that I need to set it “true” only if goods have been ordered from ALL the suppliers specified on the entry form.

So can a supplier appear in multiple orders? I assume that’s a yes?