Cascading Choice Components Second According 1st Selected Choice

Hello, first and foremost seasons greetings to all and best wishes for 2022!!
About that, I am doing a simple habit tracker app for next year, its basically a logging app of daily actions related to a habit category and subcategory.
The problem/question I have is what’s the simplest way to make cascading choices, for instance when I choose “health” as action category I want a second choice component to show only related health subcategories. I have tried several approaches to no avail.
The last one, see image, its using visibility conditions for the second choice component according first, the problem is Glide complains there are two choice components writing to the same column, albeit there’s going to be only one visible at a certain moment. Thanks for reading and for any suggestions!! Regards from Mexico, Juan

Hi Juan, welcome to Glide :wave:

You should be able to find topics in the forum to address “Multiple choice”. Could you try searching that term?

If you find something, great. If not, great as well because someone will jump in and help. :wink:

First of all, the warning you see is just that. It’s a warning, but it will still work if you have multiple components pointing to the same column.

Second, instead of multiple subcategory choice components, have you tried filtering the subcategory choice base on the ‘Screen Value’ of the first category choice component?


Hi Jeff, you were right its only a warning, thanks for your kind help!! Happy 22!!

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