Capture multiple records associated with a person on a single screen


I have a relationship where a person can take several courses. How can I implement that from the same screen the user can take more than one course? That is to say, that the name of the person appears and below he can register as many courses as he is registered for? Currently I am doing it one by one but it is not very practical.

Thank you very much.

Can you show screenshots of what you are trying to do or expand a little more on how you want your app to work and the problems you are running into?

As Jeff said, it would help if you could provide details about your project and Google sheet structure, but you can try using an Array to save the courses the student has registered.

Example Sheet:

name course 1 course 2 course 3
Mary Data Science Python
Joe Python C++ Kotlin

This way, Glide will interpret “Course” as an array, and you can use a single component to show all the courses. You can also check if “Course” is not empty before listing it, to make sure only the used course fields are displayed.

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