Can't use Variable acess/token on headers value on Call API column

The headers of the CALL API column is just allowing me to use a custom value on the headers I am setting up. The problem is that I need to use different access/token when calling the API, depending on the Company I’m trying to reach. The field “Headers” can be variable, but the value is custom only. How can I solve it?

That function was removed to secure the header, and I’m not sure they would bring that back. Like you, I have a few services where my token is expiring after a certain amount of time, and I have had no solutions for it.

Thank you very much for your answer. It will defininetively limit a lot tha capacity of system construction. I really need it to build a multi-company platform, since the payments come from different payments solutions. Do you know any way to solve it?

I think you would have to resort to the JavaScript column to do something like that.

I’ll do some research and see if I can figure out how to do this. If I find some solution I let you know here too. Thank you very much for your help

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Thanks a lot!

JavaScript wouldn’t be secure, because it’s executed client side, which means the tokens would be on the client device. I think the only way to do it securely is via Make.

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Ah yes… Would be better if we don’t need a third-party service, but it is what it is.

it makes sense. How would you do this key management via Make?

Use a Webhook action to send relevant info from Glide to when needed, make a HTTP call over there, take the results and bring that back to Glide (either using the Glide API or Google Sheets/Airtable depending on your backend).

Keep all your tokens in a Make Data Store, then include a company identifier in the webhook from Glide, so that you can retrieve and send the correct token.

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Glide just added dynamic headers values hahah It keeps getting better

But they made it exclusively Business/Enterprise…