Can't Edit Column in G Table

I have “Photo” column in GTable. It is populated with links to images that I am using for a list. For some reason I tried to add another image link to a different row but can’t. Also, when I try to edit the column the feature doesn’t work. All of the other free version features work. I didn’t lock the column nor did I make anyone the owner.

Any ideas on how to fix this so I can add other images to other rows?


Please add a screenshot of the column by itself and another one after clicking “edit”.

GTable with the Photo column.

I see the option for editing the column but nothing happens when I click on it. The other options in the menu work.

Thanks for any insight!

That looks like an array column. What does it look like in the related Google Sheet?
Is it multiple columns named Photo 1, Photo 2, etc?

To add images, you would need to address the individual columns with either a Set Columns or Add Row action. With such an action, you should see these columns identified as “Photo 1”, “Photo 2”, etc.


If you don’t mind changing it a bit, make the column names “Photo A”, “Photo B”, “Photo C” etc. You then make each of them an image column, then you can edit them separately.

If you still want an array then use the new “Make Array” column and add all those photo columns in there.