Cant add ecommefece-

just joined no option to add ecommerce
also when in billing it forced mem to accept white labeling I don’t want it yet until I vet system for my needs. now I cant cancel , did all this in last 10 minutes. I hear great things about glide but so far I feel like its a scam

A little harsh after just 10 mins of use.

I can assure you Glide is not a scam. I don’t have white labelling. Never been forced into it either. Not even remotely.

Apps do have a buy button, but Pages don’t, and I think the buy button won’t make it’s way to Pages. Ecommerce is not a focus of Glide, but many have still built ecommerce type projects with external payment integration. You can search the forum to find more information.

Certain plans include a certain number of white labeled projects. Starting with the Pro plan, 3 whitelabeled projects are included with the price. You can purchase additional whitelabeling, but you would have to choose that deliberately. The free plan doesn’t include whitelabeling and the Starter plan allows you to add whitelabeling per project as an additional purchase. You should not have been forced to purchase anything on top of the base plan price.

You can cancel/downgrade at any time and credit will remain in your account to use when you are ready.

If you had issues during the subscription process, it would help to see some screenshots or more of a description to better understand what happened. What you explained does not sound normal. If you were just vetting the system, you should have been able to use the Free plan until you are ready to upgrade.


If you want e-commerce, please use Shopify. Glide is not intended for e-commerce. We’re happy to give you a full refund.

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Thank you for your response
Please give a full refund

All the Best,

John Degl

[sent from cell phone]

Hey @John_Degl

We have processed your refund.

Please, let us know if there is something else we can do for you.

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