Cannot process Google Cloud Vision - Extract text from image

I created an action to extract text from image using Google Cloud Vision. When I run the action, I get the following error and I’m not sure what I need to do… Could anyone help?

Have you enabled Google Cloud Vision API from your console?

Hi, @ThinhDinh, thanks for checking. Yes. Since it was the first time to use Google Cloud, I created a Project for this, the API key, enabled service: The console at Vision AI API shows the status as “Enabled.” Also, I created Service Accounts there.

OAuth consent screen for this project shows:

  • Publishing status : testing
  • User type : External

Is there anything else that I need to do there?

What network are you on? It looks like it’s preventing you from talking to Google.

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Hi, @ThinhDinh and @david, I just found out that only Vision AI API was checked under the API restrictions section. I didn’t realize that Cloud Vision API and Vision AI API are two different things… When I added Cloud Vision API, it worked!

Sorry for the confusion… Thanks for the support!


Great to hear! Hope you can find some great use cases with it.