Google Cloud Transcribe audio

Good evening! Error when trying to use the Google Cloud integration (Could not validate access token)! Anyone else experiencing the same issue when trying to use Google Cloud’s Speech-to-Text?


What steps did you do to enable the integration?

In Glide, the only available integration option was to log in with the Google Cloud Console account! Within Google Cloud, I added the Speech to Text service.

This is error now:

Hello @Paulo_Roberto . I am facing the same issue.

Did you manage to resolve this?

Good morning, I still haven’t been able to resolve it! An alternative way is to use OPEN AI integration, but it will consume 5 updates, unlike Google Cloud, which consumes only 1 update. Has the authentication with Google Cloud been modified?

Ok. I was just testing this feature for a project I have in mind.
In fact, I also tested it with Openai and it worked well, despite 5 updates being accounted.

I really do not know. I activated the Cloud Speech-to-Text API in my Google Console, but I don’t understand enough about oAuth and these types of authorizations. So if it is necessry some configuration I don´t know how to do.

In the case of the Google Cloud Vision integration, related to “Extract text from PDF Files” and “Extract text from Image”, I tested it and it worked correctly.
In this case I used an API Key.

Check out the new “AI” section where Glide manages the services (you don’t have to deal with oauth/api keys) like speech to text and image to text.


Thank you @Jeremy .
I’ve seen the Glide AI options and they really are excellent.

However, actions related to speech to text and image to text are only available on the Business plan.

I would love to be on the Business plan, but as I am on the PRO plan, I am looking for alternatives.

In fact, if there are different Glide plans, it is because each of them has a corresponding set of features for customers to choose from.
And, in the case of the PRO Plan, this feature is available through integration with Google Cloud.
What I and @Paulo_Roberto are reporting is that although this feature of Google Cloud is available, we are unable to use it, maybe because we are missing something. So we are asking for help in the community, in case anyone has experienced the same issue.


Yes, I’m also on the Pro plan, and the AI feature of Glide is not available! Has anyone managed to authenticate with Google Cloud through Glide’s integration?

Would anyone know why we are unable to use the Transcribe Audio action from the Google Cloud integration, since the action is available for the PRO plan?

When I use the Google Cloud action it returns the message “No value returned from Speech-to-Text Engine”

When I use Openai’s Speech-to-text action it works normally.

I used the same audio recording for both actions.

@Jeremy can you help point us in the right direction please? I’m also getting the same issue…

hello team, as Paulo and Gui, this integration is crucial for my project. Glide AI would not make the job for me as I require a special feature from google cloud speech-to-text.
Could someone help on this please ? otherwise I would need to use another no code platform
thanks a lot

Just curious, can you specify what special feature do you need from Google Cloud?

I need the “medical transcript”.

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So it serves better with medical words, I assume? Have you tried Glide AI to see if it can work to a good extent?

Yes, it’s more accurate and fully data privacy

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I am experiencing this issue. Does anyone know how to solve the issue?