Can the length of Row ID column vary?

I use Row ID columns extensively. I have a scenario where I am slicing parts of the row id values to generate other values I use in the app. I have just hit a snag where the slice was not producing results I expected and it seems the reason is that length of Row ID values can change?

Can someone confirm please (I cannot see it in documentation), is the length of the Row ID value variable? I have an instance where one is 23 characters long and the majority are only 22 characters long.

Appreciate any advice! :slightly_smiling_face:

I quickly tested a table I have. It indeed varies between 22 and 23.

Can you talk more about why you need to slice parts of the rowID, instead of using it as is?


I am creating a Cost Estimates system for our business.

Each Cost Estimate has a Sales Rep assigned, but depending on the combination of Client, Brand and Sales Rep, commission rates can be different for the same Client / Brand combinations for different Reps.

In order to build filters that would eliminate errors when nominating comm rates, (Select a Client first, then a dynamically filtered Client Brand and finally a dynamically filtered Commission Rate based on Client Brand), I built a table of Commission Rates that defines a rate specific to each Client / Brand / Rep combination, and use this table to nominate a Commission Rate in the CE.

I use a template of the 3 Row ID’s (Client / Client Brand / Commission Rate) in the Commission Rates Table as the “linking” field to the CE.

From this field in the CE, I then slice to isolate the Sales Rep ID so I can build a relationship to Sales Rep and create views and reports specific to each Sales Rep so they see “My Sales”, My Commission", etc.

My result fails when the actual Sales Rep ID is 23 characters (My slice is for 22 characters).

I know this might be difficult to understand described in words but any guidance in terms of a solution would be appreciated. Or if you foresee any problems down the road with using joined Row Id’s.

I am thinking if I slice the 3 individual id’s (to ensure the are each 22 characters long) before I create the joined Client.ClientBrand.Sales Rep ID to use in the relation to the CE, that would resolve.

Thank you again for response.

Join them together using a comma, then you can split them on a comma later on and it doesn’t matter how long they are. Commas will never appear in RowIDs.


Why slice it? don’t get it…

I like Darren’s idea above.


Thank you!
Did not think to do that! Simple solution. It’s part of what makes Glide great to work with is the help on this forum. Thank you all!


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