Can I hide the back button at the top?

Can I hide the back button at the top? I want to use the button on the page to go back and also to automatically populate a set of data.

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Use this in a rich text component


[data-test="back-button"] {
display: none;

However users can still use a swipe left action or Android’s back button to navigate back, you don’t have control over those.


Very nice, can you explain to me where I can use this code?


As he said, a Rich Text component.
Just add a rich text component to the screen where you want to use it, and paste that CSS into it.

If you want to use it in more than one place, then a good idea is to add it as a template column in your User Profiles table, and then you can use it anywhere.


Yes I tried it… very nice, thank you so much

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