Can I display countdown timer in a column?

Sorry, as it is in Bahasa Indonesia: but you can see that there is the number 3 there. This is my last feature for my app before release! So happy!

What I want is to start a 3 day countdown timer for member who want to join with discount price. All steps already done, but I don’t know whether I can display countdown timer in Glideapps.

Has glide already support this feature?


You can use a math column to subtract Now (current date and time) from the end date and time. That will give you the difference in the number of days. Then you can use a template column to join that number with the other text that you want to display. The calculation updates every 10 seconds.


You can try this.

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Thanks! Works as instructed!
I make a 3days in advance for timer: but is there anyway I can format that 71 hours into, let say … 2days:23h:17mins?

To do it exactly how you want it, you would have to do some math for that.

You would have to do something like this. You could probably simplify it a little bit, but basically you need to split apart the days, hours, and minutes, and then put them back together in a template column.