Can Hint component show multiple lines?

I want to include a Hint component to display text of my columns (named “Notes”) in the details screen. However, it seems it can only show one line and the extra text just runs out of the Hint box.

Is there a way to show full content with multiple lines?

I tried Fields component but it’s not suitable. It forces me to display field label (if I leave it empty, it will still display some space on the left). Also, the content displayed is right-aligned which is weird.

Can you add a screenshot?

I tried a Hint component with several lines, and it seems to work fine :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for your quick reply. I found out why now - I copied and pasted the cell in Glide table and somehow the paste function added some hidden “code”. Once I retyped every cell, the Hint component works fine.

Is it a bug in Glide table?

Yes, there is some known inconsistent behaviour at the moment with copy/paste in native tables. It’s been reported to Glide, and hopefully will be addressed soon.


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