Can glide do this?

Hey All,

I’d like to build a very basic reminder app.

The user selects from a drop down if they want this reminder every 30 or 60 mins, which days of the week and the start time and end time.

Then through a local (not push) notification, a static reminder is sent to the user.

Can I use glide to do this?

Thank you

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Pls expand on local ?

Thank you @Wiz.Wazeer

By local meaning that a back end server (such as firebase) is not required and your operating system handles the scheduling, triggering and displaying of these notifications.

So for eg the alarm clock on your phone. You don’t need an account with Firebase to do this. Your operating system handled all the repeat notifications which are ‘local’ .


All the repeat

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This is what I thought you’d meant too. That’s why I held back from engaging the first part of your query.

The answer to “local” is no becz the sort of thing you seek can I only be managed via gscripts. That would not be local.

Two ppl who able to shed further light on this are Jeff and thinh dinh.

I have no experience on local notification and would like to hear other people’s opinion on this as well.

Local push is awesome,… also because it always works. It’s like an alarm.
At the same time the framework will need to support it. And I haven’t seen it in glide yet.

I’d be great if we could use 3rd party SDK’s like: or (they use local push a lot)

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