Can a glide app run on a Chromebook?

I’m new to glide. If so, do I just share the app through email?

Glide apps automatically work on any mobile device, tablet, laptop, desktop, television, or any device with an up-to-date web browser. We are working on a tablet layout at the moment and hope to have this released soon.

You can share the app with a link yes, or let people scan the app’s QR code (which takes them to the same link).


Hi @JackVaughan, how soon? I’m planning an app for young kids during covid19. Is it weeks, months or second half of the year? It would help me decide if I stay with Glideapps as young kids want tablets…

It’s always hard to give timelines unfortunately. Perhaps @Mark might be able to clarify or give an expectation of timing for this one.

It should be weeks, but this is not a promise.


Thanks Mark. Hopefully, it’s before end of May!