Call Api - Request timed out

Hello, I’m using the CALL API function in a column to retrieve information from my endpoint. I conducted tests using Postman and another external tool to confirm that my endpoint returns the data and functions correctly in both. However, when executed from Glide, it fails to retrieve the data and displays the message ‘Request Timed Out.’ What could be the reason for it working in Postman but not in Glide?

Where is your API hosted?
Is the endpoint publicly available?

Hello, my endpoint is hosted on my company’s physical server, which is publicly accessible from the internet. I conducted tests using POSTMAN, and it successfully returns the data. To rule out internet-related issues, I also tested it using, and the data was indeed returned correctly. However, when attempting to access it from Glide, it displays the message ‘Request Timed Out.’ I’m wondering if this could be related to API configuration, perhaps something is blocking the connection.

Does your company server url use HTTPS or HTTP?

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use HTTP

That’s probably your problem. To maintain security, Glide does not do well with HTTP and usually requires HTTPS. Even images stored on an unsecured HTTP server will not be displayed on Glide (or maybe I’m thinking of the web embed feature…something along those lines).

Does your server have an SSL certificate? You could try just changing your URL to use HTTPS, but it you don’t have a certificate, I’m not sure how it will react.


Thank you for the response. I was also suspecting the protocol issue, but I don’t have control in that area. I will have to coordinate with the company’s network administrator to see exactly how we could switch to HTTPS

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If they’re not using and enforcing SSL, they should be fired.