Calendar End Date & Time


Does the calendar style catch the end date entered for a specific event to remove it once that date and time has come and gone?

I have it entered as so:

No it won’t. Separate them into two columns end filter the events by the end date.

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Ah! Got it. Thanks! I selected the filter ‘on or after today’, but does that pick up on time?

As far as I know, the calendar function can’t handle multiple day events.
You need to make rows for every day…

It will pick up the start time. not the end time.
Make a seperate colum, with start and endtime and show that in the event detail page is a good example.

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If you want the time to also apply to the filter, use ‘Now’ instead of ‘Today’.


Ah thanks! Didn’t notice that one paired with today. I selecting another today option.

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Great thanks! I created a template to display the start and end date & time.

For all-day events, is it possible to not display a start time? I’m seeing 12:00 pm next to my all-day events.

I would think an if, then, else column will work for this.