Buttons and data on detail pages

If I add a switch or a button with certain actions on it on the detail page and I put it to be visible only for a certain role how will this data be available ?

  1. Will the button just be hidden to other users or it will be downloaded based on the role of the user ?
  2. If it’s hidden, could anyone trigger the action ?

The data I understand that if it’s not protected by row owners and roles will be downloaded and I don’t mind … I’m more interested in the buttons and their actions to the database

The button element won’t be rendered on devices where the users don’t have access to it, so there’s no way to trigger the action if the element is not rendered.

Even if you manage to add HTML & CSS to make the same button, you would still need the underlying trigger script to be the same as the original button, but they won’t have the secret keys available to do that, so I would put it as secured.

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