Button -> action -> set columns value for different tables


I want my Button to clear values, but I am unable to do this within one screen.
The following procedure (Button → action → set columns value) allows to only set columns value for ONE table. However I have my tables linked, it doesnt allow to set columns value for linked tables columns or manualy selected tables.

Maybe there is a workaround for this? Thank you!

Hola @samblck

If I’m understanding correctly, you want to set a value on a table from a different one. Say, set a value from the User Table to the Log Table, right?

If so you will need to create a template on both tables. Then on the “location” table you need to create a single relation.

Then create an action with the condition “if name button is name of button” >set columns > relation> then the value and column you want.

I hope this helps.

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You can Set Columns in linked tables only through single relations.
It’s not possible at this time to do it via multi-relations.

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@SantiagoPerez may be even simpler, i will try to make it clear below. Thx for your workaround (this way i cant erase something from the column if i understand you correctly)

Feels like tables not necesseraliy should be related in this case (or it’s some constraint of how glide is programmed)

Within 1 screen (Menu table) in app i have two inline lists (Menu and Category tables).

When I add Button component it automaticaly sees Menu table columns, but i cant ‘swtich’ it or select Category table columns. Now Button component only can control Menu table, I want it to control Category table either.

May be that can be solved?

Buttons are linked to the screen as any components become attached to the table you are on, so they have to use a value that’s in the table you are viewing.

If you want to set a value in the Category table from a screen that’s displaying a Menu table row, then you have to do it through a single relation that exists in the Menu table and linked to the Category table.