Building an Image Storage and Sharing Feature in CRM Using Glideapps

Hello Glideapps Community,

I’m currently on a journey to integrate 5-6 apps into our CRM. The goal is to eliminate the need for additional software fees down the road. One primary integration I’m focusing on is an image storage feature akin to Company Cam, which, at its core, functions like a specialized Google Drive for pictures. While I acknowledge that replicating Company Cam’s image editor might be ambitious for now, I’m optimistic about creating a structure where each project gets its dedicated folder filled with images. One of Company Cam’s standout features is the ability to share a link to a project’s image folder.

Given that my main app is private, but I want the image links to be public, I’ve considered creating a separate table solely for image folders. Additionally, I’m contemplating building a standalone app, accessible via link only, that offers a shared UI experience and is dedicated to making these image folders publicly accessible. The idea is that users in the main CRM app could generate a new image folder, upload photos, and then share the corresponding link. To navigate the privacy settings, my plan is to slightly modify the URL in the CRM app to point to the other public app. Essentially, this will involve pointing to the same record but in a different app, all while utilizing the same table.

Has anyone experimented with URL modifications in this manner or built something similar? I’m eager to hear your thoughts, insights, and any potential challenges you foresee with this approach.

Thank you in advance for your feedback and assistance!