Building a sequential randomizer. Stuck

Basically I have 5 columns with links (I used #'s in attachment for simplicity).

I want to sequentially rotate through each one on a button click. But only the checked value ones. Unchecked rows can’t be included.

So for this example, order should be: 1, 6, 16, 21, 2, 7, 17, 22, 3, 8, 18, 23… and so on. Click 1 goes to 1, Click 2 goes to 6, Click 3 goes to 16. Etc. Sequentially rotating to the next value after a click or condition occurs.

I’m in over my head and not sure how to do it. I’m also horrible with relation columns and arrays which I suspect this requires. Any ideas appreciated.

I think the trick here would be to coerce the whole lot into a single array in the correct order, and then you can simply step through that.

Just thinking out aloud:

  • Create a Query column that matches all rows where CREATOR ADDED is checked.
  • Take a Joined List of the Links Array column via that Query. That should give you one big long list of links.
  • Pass that list to a JavaScript column to rearrange them, and return the correctly ordered list.
  • Convert that back to an array with a Split Text column
  • Go from there… probably Single Value with an increment action.

Thanks as always @Darren_Murphy.

That gets me a lot further than I was. At least I’m working vertically with checked rows only now via the query column (another weakpoint of mine). Will play around and see how close to end result I can get. May ping back if snags. Thx :pray: