Building a sales gamification platform, Day 1

Hi guys! I wanted to share my progress with building a sales gamification app for our team of mortgage brokers and financial advisors in Czech republic. We wanted to make our sales more engaging, more fun and improve it every day.

So, I started a simple app where a sales representant just “clicks a button” and receives a reward.

I added a few gamification principles I learned from years of playing World of Warcraft and other games and from books like Actionable Gamification by Yu Kai Chou.

In the beginning, I just setup the app to increment the number of points the person has by 100 when making a call and by 1000 when they make a new appointment with a client.

Then, to make it a bit unpredictable, everytime a person logs that he made a call, he will receive a random number of points around 100.

I added a leaderboard (huge thanks to @Robert_Petitto for guides how to make it) and voilá, I have the first app.

Note: after just a first day of using it “live” in our company, we have made 22 more calls to potential clients and booked 8 more appointments than we would normally have :partying_face:

Next Steps:

  1. I want to add badges for making various numbers of calls and new appointments
  2. Fix the mechanism for logging entries to make weekly and monthly leaderboards
  3. Adding a 10% boost for next 24 hours after completing 20 calls a day
  4. Figure out how to log revenue

If you have any tips or guides or any material that could be helpful, I would really appreciate that, because I have zero, and I mean ZERO programming experience :smiley:

Thank you very much,


Great initiative! Well done.

For this though, I wouldn’t want to be the guy that comes second and loses out to some sort of a potential prize because of some randomness.


As long as the second place person can continue to “farm” by making more calls than other players, then it’s actually quite fun/fair. Randomness levels the playing field a bit. Though to @ThinhDinh’s point, there should be other more “stable” ways to earn a set amount of points.


Sure, that is exactly what I thought. In reality, there was a situation in the beginning where first person received 101 for a call and a second one received 98. This immidiately triggered the second one to make another call and it leveled out in long term :slight_smile:

Second thing is that the main objective is to arrange a meeting, where they receive fixed 1000 points.

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Building a sales gamification app, day 3.

Hi guys! This is my update on building our gamification app for sales department in mortgages.

New features
I added the badges section for various numbers of calls made and appointments arranged. Everytime the sales person achieves a certain number of calls or appointments, he can claim a badge for that.

I made the badges using guide from @Robert_Petitto (again a huge thanks for that, I didn’t know that it’s so easy to make a badge).

A started with 8 badges, for making the first call, 5 calls, 10 calls and 20 calls. Same numbers for appointments.

Since a lot of people already achieved 20, I will surely need to add more :smiley:

I figured out what does mean to have an event log, (I dont know how could I exist before that) credits to my brother. Also I had to figure out how to migrate the data, since I totaly dont want to lose them now.

Business aspect

Managers we realized what amazing tool this could represent for them, since they could see the activities of each person.

A rumor spread and another branch is considering joining us in using the app. Maybe I can make a guild system?

Also, some people mentioned that they went an extra mile and made one more call at the end of the day, just to reach the next position in the leaderboard.

Next steps

Now that I have an activity log, I can start working on daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards :slight_smile:

People using the app started to suggest next features, like scoring points for realized appointments, not just arranged (often the client cancels the meeting) and also to add section with income from deals closed.


This is coming along nicely!

Day 6 Update

  1. based on requests, I added a section where you can log if you made a sale.

Since I figured out how to log events, everytime someone uses this button, it will log the amount with a timestamp (might come handy :wink: )

  1. I updated the about section in user profiles to look like this:

Since I don’t come from a programming background, I’m really struggling with advanced functions like rollups, making conditions for rollups and stuff like that.

This is making delays in my plans to make a weekly and monthly leaderboard. I would appreciate any help with that :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am really excited about the current state of the app :partying_face:

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Feel free to let us know if you need help with that.

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