Building a Route App

I am trying to build a route app for my delivery team. It would have several addresses in the order that I’d like the delivery team to follow. At each address I need to have features like checkboxes, time stamps etc for the task assigned to the delivery team at each address. How do I do this all inside Glide Apps?

Does anyone have an idea on how I can do this? Are there apps that are doing some or all of this right now in Glide? Would love to take a look if you can share it.

Thankyou Gliders!

It doesn’t sound that complicated.
Add the tasks (deliveries), with date, address, etc.
Have the delivery team fill out a form that has current date (with date and time) when product is delivered.
Start with the Issue tracker template from your Glide dashboard

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Thankyou for your response. I can definitely follow the Issue Tracker template to get the tracking data for the tasks. But I want to show the addresses through a map layout with the route lines displayed between stop A & stop b. Then when the team clicks stop A they are able to fill the forms fields. Its the map and route piece that I don’t know how to accomplish. Is that possible?

You can’t show the route from point A to point B in Glide.
You’d have point B, click it, and then use GMaps to show the route.
But the second part, you can do it.
However, you won’t have geo-location data from the delivery team.

Hi, @Food2Soil!
How did you solve this task for the last year by Glide or Glide+API?
Hi Gliders!
Does any body here made the route in a Map in your Glide Apps (from A to B)?
I think it will be possible by calling Google Maps, but how to call it WITH the A and B locations recorded in Glide?
Thank you in advance!

Hopefully this helps.


I ended up parking the idea because it seemed complicated. But the path suggested by @ThinhDinh sounds worth trying. Good luck!

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