Build a survey builder for certain roles

currently my canvassing app allows a vollunteer to select a house on a map, enter into a survey i have made, and record answers from the survey. My customer would like me to add in a feature when a staff member at the company who is currently responsible for building surveys would be assigned a special role as a user that allows them to access a survey builder. That way, i am not having to go in and build out the survey every time, but he can instead open his app and build the survey out for the vollunteers. I would like to do this without giving him admin access to my app through glide, and instead build in a UI for him where he can build the surveys used by other users in the app. any thought on where i could start with this?

Are all surveys of the same question type (open answer, multiple choice, etc.)? It’s not impossible, but Glide doesn’t offer much flexibility in the way of allowing user-designed assessments.

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They don’t have to be, I’m sure they would be happy with all questions being a drop down selection or radio buttons

It’s big seller for them if updates they make can go out in real time as well, which I think is what I can offer, correct me if I’m wrong. So, if the staff survey wrote creates a survey, and the volunteers start using it and let him know he had a typo, cam he go back in and edit the survey and have the edited version update automatically for everyone

It would be a bit hellish to maintain this, to be honest. I had this experience 1 year ago when a client wants to edit the app layout from the app itself. It can work, but it’s not great for the builder and the data structure.

The thing with your approach is you, as the builder, have to add components for the form in advance, and build your data structure around the pre-constructed layout, dynamically. You don’t have the ability to simply add a new component to show the question, and a component to store answers, from the app itself.

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Well said.

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So then, is it possible to add the survey creating team member to my glide account to build surveys, and I teach him how, but only give him very limited access? I dont want him to touch anything else in the app, or any of my other apps, so can his role within glide be restricted to just building surveys? Or, is there an integration i can use like survey monkey where he could build his own surveys and upload them to the app somehow?

No, when a person has access to the app builder, they have access to everything.

I don’t think so.