BUG with RTL alignment in list view

hi Glide team (@Mark , @Jason)

there seems to be a bug with the RTL alignment is list view. the first 2 Data sources RTL correctly but the 3rd one (Caption) seems to lest align even if the data is in hebrew


apperciates your support on this.


Hi Yinon!

Right now we use browser level auto-detect of rtl strings to determine which way to flow the text. It appears that the string you are using there fails the test for some reason. Unfortunately I am not personally an fluent in any RTL languages so I cant really guess as to why :frowning:

We are working on a more robust solution.


hi @Jason,

thanks for the quick respond, appreciate it a lot.
as for the recognition issue, the translation of the the field is: “grade 10 number 1 Haifa” first letter is the the 10th letter in the Hebrew alphabet which is the the equivalant for 10th grade in high school, 1 is the buneric number of the class whithin the 10th grade and Haifa is a city in Israel. all the charactes are widly used in Hebrew.

To test your theory I took the same exact words which worked on the Details source on the data section and used it on Caption as well. as you can see it’s still aligned wrong. I think there’s a bug in the field definition on your side and whatever working in the first 2 fields is not working here.


@Jason, @Mark

Appreciate your response to this.

Thank you

Could you share this app, please?

sure @Mark, here it is.

you need yo identify as this user: angela@dundermifflin.com and in the main screen click this button:

which will lead you to this screen:

where as you can see the last 2 rows as the exact same value in them and the 2nd row is correctly aligned while the 3rd is lefr aligned.

thank you!

hi @Mark

any update with this?


It’s on our to-do list. Sorry for the delay.

Will most likely ship Tuesday.

Great, thanks for the update. Have a nice week