Bubble Stacked Chart

Hi Community,
I’m looking to create a bubble Stacked Chart (see below) with basically all bubbles centered in the middle (I don’t care of the organization/relation between those bubbles, they just need to be proportional of the data and a name on them) but I don’t want any axis visible.
My first try was to customize the Bubble Chart on Quickchart.io but I was not able to remove all axis and in addition the code request to add x,y,z coordinate for each data. I want random position of each bubbles…to be honest I don’t know how to manage this request inside a template inside Glide so that why I want to remove this x,y,z coordinates.

My second try was to use Tableau Public to create it and I was able to do it…but I don’t know how to embed or to show it on glide because I don’t want to use WebView. Ideally I want to use quickchart because it avoids to have Tableau working with the same spreadsheet I’m using with my glide apps.

Thanks in advance for you thoughts and help

Have you tried using google’s charts in google sheets then publish the chart and use the published site as your image in the app?