🔖 Bookmark icon option. An alternative to "Favorite"

Not a new type of column, just an option alongside the :black_heart:

“Hearting” is not appropriate for everything.
… Add to reading list
… Add to watch list
… Add to vendor list

There are times when a heart is a bit juvenile for the context. Swapping it for a bookmark makes sense.


And my suggestion for fav icons:

:heart: Favorite
:x: Close
:pushpin: Pin
:bookmark: Bookmark
:stopwatch: Watch later
:books: Add to Library
:lock: Private
:shopping_cart: Add to Cart

And so on…

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ah, you mean the ability to upload your own icon?
I’m thinking the universal bookmark icon inheriting the app’s accent color (when it’s a standalone component) or simply white just like the heart when overlaid on an image.


I agree with you 100%. I do not think that the heart icon is intuitive to save things. It literally means that you like some thing everywhere else, not that you’re saving it.


Ah, no…

Actually I was also suggesting different icons to have in image, inline lists and so :sweat_smile:

For instance, instead of clicking in :heart: and Add to Library, could have also a :books: icon where would be more cognitive


I think maybe being able to choose the icons used for the tabs, would be better than uploading a small image. Or maybe if we could use emoji.

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