Blocking the automatic language switching (glide language localization)

I’m doing my first prototypes in english but the automatic glide language localization in is wreaking havoc with my beta testers.

Even if they have their phones set to english it still translates things in the interface to their native languages (probably because of their google account native language settings).

Can I just disable the automatic translation/localization in glide somehow? I’ll enable it once I put a proper language selection system in place.

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Sadly not possible - it is one of these things that you live with in Glide, given that it does have some many other benefits.

Glide has a ton of benefits but this automatic translation is just causing issues. I don’t get who this feature helps.

The phone may be set to English, but is the browser default language set to English as well? I think it localizes based on the primary browser language instead of the OS language.

I just tried by switching my primary browser language from English to Portuguese and it did switch the language in the app I was testing from English to Portuguese.

Someone building an app in their native language would often want the built-in app text to match their native language. Otherwise, all glide apps would only be focused on English speakers only.

App when my primary browser language is English:

Same app when my primary browser language is Portuguese:


That does seem to be the case. Unfortunately I can’t force my beta testers to change their browser language. In europe this is a whole crazy mess as people are multilingual.

Could we put in a request for a feature to restrict the automatic language switching?

I did a quick search through the existing feature requests and I did find this one. You can add your vote to this existing one. There may be other requests, but I only did a quick search and this was one of the first ones that popped up.


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