Bitesized learning app


I am looking to build a prototype of a bite sized learning app. The idea is to have topic-based sections and in each section either have a swipe right or left auto play video card or swipe up or down auto play video like TikTok or Instagram reels. Any advice or suggestion on how to build this?

The swipe layout is an option for swiping left and right and you could place a video component on the screen. There isn’t really an option for swiping up and down other than simply scrolling. I’m not sure about auto playing of videos. I’ve seen some posts where people have added extra query parameters to the url to get it to auto play, but I’m not sure if that completely worked out for them. I don’t think your going to get an exact flow like TikTok or Instagram though. Might be better off just coming up with your own unique flow.

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I think it’s not working anymore, specifically for the YouTube videos.

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