Billing and payment app

hello, I have a private education company with different courses and payments and so on. Right now I keep everything in excel or Google sheets: Fees, payments, remaining amounts, payment schedules and emailing everyone constantly about reminders, invoices, remaining balances etc.

if I start with glide, can the Glide help me with automation process with following or more: sending reminders via email (u have to pay this money by the end of xxxxx), confirming payments made (I’ll put the received payment information in the data) and sending the remaining balance.

Waiting for your response

Hi Teona! :hugs:

You may find this 3-part-tutorial from Robert Petito very informative:

On top of that I would like to add that, as of this moment, time scheduled actions in Glide haven’t been released yet. Meaning to send emails (or to do any action you want) you (or another app user) will need to initiate it by pressing a button. Glide hasn’t announced the eta for time scheduled actions release, but it should be within next few months, as it was hinted… (you possibly still can set up those automated emails with Make and Google sheets, but I have never done it, so you will need to research this part…)

Thirdly, you will need at least a Maker plan with connected Google sheet for the functionalities you have described.