BigHeadline group in glide Table


I am constructing a table (GlideTable) with lot of column which concern different functionality in my app. I want to know if is there a way to “Group” them by theme. That “grouping” function is not to display in app (like in this post How group columns in glide table editor?) i think more about a color code or Headline that alow to view all column in data editor who refer to one theme.

For exemple :

Sorry for my english and hope you see what i mean!


How is this request different from the solution provided in the post that you linked to? Seems like you are asking for the same thing, which already has a solution.

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Oh yes ! You’re right ! My apologies, i thought that “group” was only to show in app !

Im so Sorry for disagrement !

Thank you for answer !

I have to delete this post

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No worries. No need to delete the post. It might be useful for someone else.

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Its Fantastic ! That function alow to colapse column by group !!! I will save so much time !

Screenshot 2023-05-09 00.09.39

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