Big Tables Source Data?

Hi, how do I change the source data for Big Numbers?

Big Numbers or Big Tables?

  • Big Numbers: reconfigure the component.
  • Big Tables: export your data and move it elsewhere.

If I haven’t answered your question fully, you might try elaborating/clarifying a little bit.

Hi Darren, thanks for the reply. I’ll try to elaborate a bit. Essentially from the right side panel, I don’t have the option to change the Source. I attached an image. As you can see, under Data, I only have the option to change the title.

What about all of those Item options below the title where you can change the Name, Value, and Description of each Big Number?

Hey Jeff, those were from one table. I need data from a different table source.

The data comes from the row of the table that the screen is attached to. If it’s not the correct table, then maybe your tab is connected to the wrong table, or your screen is not filtered to the correct row in that table.

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