Big Tables on a go ssllooowwwww

Hi guys - anyone beta testing Big Tables and noticed a huge drop in performance recently?

I built a genealogy app with around 70,000 rows of data (only around 12 columns) - and for the first few weeks the data would load almost instantaneously on my PC (via wired 1 gig fibre). It would take around 3 seconds on my android and about the same on my iphone.

Just checked a few moments ago - the exact same dataset now takes 54 seconds on my PC; 68 seconds on my android (via hi speed wifi) and over 3 minutes on my iphone. Nothing seems to cache locally - as if I repeat the search - it still takes the same amount of time.

Unusable. My customers are going to lynch me!

Is anyone aware of there being any outages or issues with Big Tables? Not sure what to do next.

On another matter - but related - is there a better option for me (instead of Big Tables) for a static sheet of genealogical data. It is essentially a big (70,000 rows) read only sheet which gets updated every 3 months (by me reimporting the data manually).

My users query (or more accurately - ‘search’) on a last name and then bring up the record for that person.

If there is a superior option to Big Tables - I will give it a go.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve not noticed this, but I’ll bring it to the attention of Glide Engineering.
They might ask for a support link, so please be prepared to provide that.

Is your App public? If you can provide a link I can help test from my location and see if it’s any different.

I would have though that this is a perfect use case for Big Tables.

Do you have lookups used in a filter by anyway. ? @snooprussyruss

Thanks for the super speedy reply Darren - I will email you the link - it requires a log in - but is ‘public’. Many thanks.

Thanks for the super fast reply.

No lookups - 3 ‘template’ columns - but nothing complicated.


I think you will need replay record you can sign up for free this will be needed by engineering, they have to look into it via the ticket.

@snooprussyruss Could you give me a support link and tell me what to do to experience the slowness, please?