Better and more consistent IF THEN logic

Yes, sometimes you have to reverse your thought process to build a working IF in glide. It’s fine for very simple logic, but to me the current implementation of IF logic is counterintuitive to how I was taught to write IF statements in code. In some cases it’s harder to build and harder to comprehend because of the weird way we have to structure the logic to work correctly.

If you have a specific case you’re trying to work through, I’d be happy to take a look if you have some screenshots.



Many thanks. At this stage it works ok when reversing the approach, but I’m happy to have double-checked the ““logic”” with you before entering in more advanced use cases (which will require to have several IF from IF columns…).

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you know… I think I’ve used it so much now that I’ve almost started to think in Glide if-then-else terms :rofl:

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I know. I think we are being brainwashed. :wink:

…then I have to go to my day job and reverse that thinking again…

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