Best way to record data for this gym program

Provide the easiest way for athletes to record results (in kgs in this example) based on a gym program.
It doesn’t need to be laid out or formatted like this. It could be broken up into:

  1. A program
  2. Has a start date, loading and macro/micro cycle (what is that? :joy: )
  3. Has a week number
  4. Has a day (1 or 2)
  5. Has exercises
  6. Has reps and a result

The result is unique to each athlete, but want to be able to view results for all athletes, so not sure how user-specific columns would work. Again, there are no preconceptions about how to tackle this.


Help needed

  • How do I structure this data?
  • What component(s) would work best to record the data? Considering using a data grid potentially.


I don’t have a good suggestion for this, when I read topics like this I just wish we have a custom code component to craft things up and tie them to as many columns as we need.

Can also be a market for experts to help with crafting custom components like that.


Here is my first attempt at structuring the tables/data in Glide.

Should I be using arrays or some other data structure to store this data?
Data grid for UI component?

So each combination of day & exercise should produce a result? Do you plan to store this in multiple tables?

Yes, exercise A will have a result for day 1 (day 1 and 2 seem to refer to doing 2 days per week, and each day has a diff set of exercises).

Yes, storing in multiple tables for now, unless there is an easier way to do it.
That’s why I thought I’d try a grid or use arrays (I know how arrays work, haven’t thought through how to use in this case as not sure if it’s the right approach).

Each athlete can record a result for each exercise on each week for day 1 and day 2 of that week (could be session 1 and session 2, same thing).

Days > Exercises > Weeks (specific sets and reps) > Results

Admins can view and report on data for individuals and full group.

Will using user-specific columns be the right approach?
Might be a simpler way to structure the program and get same result. Seems kind of complex the way the trainer has done it.

Thanks Thinh!

Screenshots showing table set up

Screenshots showing UI

Two ways to enter results for same exercise on different weeks (9…12 in original program).

Seems so complicated :cry:

Maybe I have too many levels of data.
How could I simplify this?