Best practice to create Companies app?

Hi, I am creating an app that may be used by different companies, each one for their own need (such as a Crm, Hrm…).

I am wondering if there are best practices around on-boarding & app. admin. mgt in this context.

The app should indeed [1] enable creation of different “companies”, [2] enable a new user to join or be automatically assigned to an existing one.

My current approach (without using “Role”): in the User on-boarding process, after signing-up, each user:

  • if has a related company identified → is automatically assigned to it
  • if not → can create a new company, including the emails of “authorized users”

Do you see any issues with this approach? if not, any improvements?
Do you have (for sure!) better practice?


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That looks promising !

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Thanks @AymenM
I am not sure that my approach to manage different companies in 1 app is the proper one …
Any clue?


I have an app “lawyers near me”. Lawyers sign up and add their business name, address etc. I have a filter that groups all lawyers working for a company by door number and post code. I don’t ask them if they already work for any of the published companies, even though on the company business page I bring all lawyers associated with the postcode and show them as working for company/firm X. I had a few reasons for going about things the way I did such as lawyer verification, pricing strategy etc.

Your approach was my first option but my requirements had other options on mind.

Cool :sunglasses: approach !

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