Beginner Questions

Hello, I have a few questions that I had about the Glide pages platform:

  1. Is it possible to have multiple filters to filter a collection. For example, if my database has a column for rating, age, and category, it is possible for the user to filter from these three conditions using three separate drop-downs?
  2. How would we incorporate a payment system into Glide pages? I want to include premium features for users that pay. How would I do that?
  3. For the initial sign-in page, can we modify it so that the user enters their name and address?

I hope someone can answer this quickly.

Thank You,
Videet Mehta

1.) Yes, as long as those items are in an array column. Point the filter to the array column.
2.) I do this:

3.) No, but you can create an onboarding flow that users see right when they enter the app. Check out the first video in this series:


Thanks so much for the great response. However, for the first question, I am still stuck on how to do it on Glide Pages.
For example lets say I have a database of students with grade-level, favorite subject, and favorite sport. Now I want to create a filter menu where the user can filter between all three options. So, the user would be able to find students in grade 10 who like math and play basketball or find ALL the students in grade 7 who like English and play soccer.
For this, I would need three separate drop downs(below)
Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 10.34.24 PM

Is this still possible?

Thank You,
Videet mehta

Ya…if you want AND conditions for filtering, you have to build it yourself. I show how to do this here:


Hello Thank you so much for that great video(I’ve been watching so many of them). However, I was coming across the error where when the user selects what category they want to look for, it enters itself on a random row and not the first one. I’ve made sure to follow the instructions properly but I am still not successful with it.
I was looking around on the forum and I found a thread about this but couldn’t quite understand what they were talking about.
Hope someone can help me out.

Ya……what I fail to mention on the video is that you should build your screen/tab using the user profile table. That way instead of using a single value column to bring in the selection value, you can use the the value in the if then else column directly.

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You need to pay attention to which row your screen is attached to. If you clicked an item within a list, then you will be on the row for that item. If your using a detail screen at the top tab level, then you need to check for any filters and sorting for that tab. If you don’t have a filter set, then the sort order will determine which row the screen is attached to. It will always be the first row in that sort order. If you have a random sort order, then the row you are attached to will be random for that screen. If you have a filter set, then it will be the first row that matches that filter and sort order.

In regards to what @Robert_Petitto said about using the user profile table…if your table has row owners applied, then you are guaranteed that your values will be written to the row that belongs to that user, and everything should work correctly. If your user profile table does not have row owners applied, then you’ll still want to filter your screen by signed in user so that your selected values will write to the correct user profile row.

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