Beautiful Design App

Omg, that’s awesome! Did you do it with buttons… or?

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Guys someone will have the css to resize and move the avatar of an inline card I can not find it I would appreciate it

@Joe_Gabriele Impressive styling👍

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To test, for example
I failed to resize the avatar

margin-top:calc(1% - 35px);
margin-left:calc(50% - 25px);


Yep, used 3 different buttons lol.

Full color is obviously the first button style. Middle ones are the transparent button style. Bottom one is the bordered button style.

Would you happen to know how to reference each button class without using the specific class names (ie: .iYUsjxk)

I know button[data-test=“app-button-view”] works, but applies to all buttons. Also that doesnt show up on buttons with External Links.

thanks Men i will try

I don’t know if its uselful but

let me share you a new discovery ( for me )

with you can put in the background the [] animated svg backgrounds !!!
with a rich text editor component and this code

.background { position: fixed; margin-top:0px; margin-bottom:50px; width: 100%; height:100%; top:0; right:0; left: 0%; z-index:-100; filter: brightness(100%); background-image: url(“”); background-size: cover; background-position: center center; }

Its an external service , i’m wondering how much this could affect in terms of speed i’d like sooo much to have a background option here in Glide…and they advise not to use rich text editor component like this… for what its worth here it is.



Have you tried using one of these for your background image on the welcome / loader screen yet?

Looks like you can download them as GIF’s but requires a paid PRO account to get.


No not on the welcome loader…as far i know there is no option for a rich text component but yes i have tried on home screen and inline list screens and yes you have to pay but its just 2 dollars at files and the monthly fees are quite reasonable , i’m really happy paying the right price for such incredibile items . Not to mention the delicious quality high support.
Elf Sirv and loading are my heroes.
Entry free with great feautures , paid plans very cheap and an incredibile quality.Such as Glide , yes they are external but the more we support the more its safe to rely on them snd then you can use them in your sites , other framework ( sometimes the customer asks …you know) .That being said if only Glide could update audio player and Ui option,but u know u can’t have all and this way of missing its an incredible way to learn.As i said above thank you guys.

@Manu.n seems to be doing the same as cloudinary. Where have you found differences - and where is it better then e.g. cloudinary?

To be honest i have no experience with Cloudinary so thanks for the hints mine is more similar to a wild search and interconnect ideas…not really professional but…hey works…:wink:maybe here there are great experts as Robert Petitto which i saw teaching into the “cloudinary “,i confess my ignorance about it and i’m really happy because for me its “hey something new to learn :joy:

@Manu.n cloudinary has quite a generous free tier. But potentially the service you are referring could do something better than cloudinary

Hello @Krivo
I think you have the wrong manu !! (@Manu_Marea not @Manu.n )

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@Manu.n thanks for pointing out to me that I mistaken👍 It was for you @Manu_Marea

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We both can say its a pleasure ; ) !

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I made too briefly but as far i can see no audio on Cloudinary is mentioned there, i ask to you and who know better , is it ?

You dont need CSS for the Welcome Screen as it already shows the background in full. Just need to upload the GIF as the image.

Ok , i’ll try but there a two screen , the icon on background ( with the same accent color…) and another one with icon and a background…, the login one,i really would like to change at least the color of the text …at least , while if i change the accent color…i change even this…and its not ideal for me.I hope Glide is working on a new builder,maybe with a better Ipad,desktop view…just saying,

I would upload the GIF background image to the Sign-In Screen under Settings. I believe this is a Pro only option though…

As for text color, it allows you to pick a white or black theme.


Ok…i’ll give an eye.Thanks