Beautiful Design App

Perfekt, this works. @Lucas_Pires thank you.

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That is amazing! Well done!

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Thank you!

Just a quick update here. I have been wanting to provide everyone with a version of the kiosk app I made a while back. I have since built this app in my privately owned no code software and no longer need it on Glide. So here’s the link. Now I know some of the ways it was setup might not of been ideal but I’m hoping someone else gets some use out of it.


Where it’s available, I can’t type anything

If I continue and choose one, it’s blank or greyed

Srry, those are autoppulated when customers are added to the list. I will remake this and make it more user friendly, I literally just deleted names out and shared it. I will make a template. I will build it so that all the information options are on one sheet to change.

How to I insert html code in my app?

By using a rich text component.


How did you get those detail views to look like that AND have inline lists inside of them??? I’ll assume some CSS magic??

This looks so cool!

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