Beautiful Design App

Perfekt, this works. @Lucas_Pires thank you.

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That is amazing! Well done!

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Thank you!

Just a quick update here. I have been wanting to provide everyone with a version of the kiosk app I made a while back. I have since built this app in my privately owned no code software and no longer need it on Glide. So here’s the link. Now I know some of the ways it was setup might not of been ideal but I’m hoping someone else gets some use out of it.


Where it’s available, I can’t type anything

If I continue and choose one, it’s blank or greyed

Srry, those are autoppulated when customers are added to the list. I will remake this and make it more user friendly, I literally just deleted names out and shared it. I will make a template. I will build it so that all the information options are on one sheet to change.

How to I insert html code in my app?

By using a rich text component.


How did you get those detail views to look like that AND have inline lists inside of them??? I’ll assume some CSS magic??

This looks so cool!


Has anyone tried

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OK nullkode will be nocode, but i don’t see what i can make with it and how it works?

It’s modular based app building. So you just pick which modules you need and it writes the code and combines the modules.

check! interesting!

I provides lifetime access to your pwa (web version of your app) and even allows you to download the source code so if you stop paying you have the app for life. And the source code can be downloaded in apk format or even ios. From the looks of it your pwa will still work if you stop your monthly plan, you ust cant modify it from the system.

Just taking an image from an Android device as an example for floating buttons. As we have “titles” for those button already, I think it’s a good idea for Glide to enable an option like this.

Sometimes the icons are not really self-explanatory, I feel like some text would help.


Also in Desktop / Table view :grin:

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Yes, absolutely. I’ve been asked to do this, and I have a hard time explaining why I can’t.


:call_me_hand: That homescreen is SICK!

Care to share the CSS?

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 9.59.03 PM


Yeah! Im not on pc right now. When I get it, I send it here

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