Bar charts & form entries

Hi @Dan_San @Jeff_Hager @Darren_Murphy ,

I think I’m struggling because I did not build my app properly at the beginning BUT I don’t know how to organize it to improve the data management and the charts related to all entries I have. FYI, we use this app daily with 200 to 400 submission each day since early September.

So to summarize my app and my goal :

  • As Physical Education teacher I usually gather a lot of data from students at each PE classes (time, number of repetition, pictures, score, stats…).
  • I decided to build a pro app with glide to centralize all data coming from the students in order to keep track of them and also metrics for the students in order to analyse with chart/graph, average, max, min…their weekly trend progress or situation.
  • So since the back to school I installed the app on 10 iPad and I use this app with all my classes…currently I have around 2000 rows and 100 column connect to the form to create Metrics.

So a quick video to see the user experience by students in Running and Volleyball (the first two activities for the school year)

As you see currently a student need to select the week (W1,W2…) at each submission but ideally I would like to remove that because the way I created my app I have two many column (one for each week for each exercise…and I have more than 20 different type of exercises so 20 x10 column = 200 column “vlookuping” my unique submission form sheet (with currently more than 2000 rows already)

So the question what is the best way to manage this numerous number or submission because it creates a lot of rows for only one or 2 datas per rows. Is there a way to concatenate those row or build differently this app in order to avoid slowing down or block this app with too many rows and formula running.

Thank you for your thoughts and help. I know it is going to be difficult to change the current app but at least I can start working on a new/better more efficient structure for next year. For the current one in order to keep using it I will remove all rows submitted for the first 2 activities in few weeks and create static value with a copy/paste value only on my sheets.

Hi Joseph,

There will be others much more experienced and qualified than me to answer your question, but I would say you need to have 20 columns (1 per each exercise) plus 1 column for week and then any additional columns for your calculations.

In the input form you have your inputs for the 20 exercises and a drop down for week selection. You add in the exercises that the student has completed and leave the rest blank. So for each week you only have 1 row per student.

When you need to add in more data for the remaining exercises for that student/week then you just need to EDIT the existing row. If you want to prevent the student from not editing data that has already been submitted then you can use visibility on the component and say only show if empty.

After that it is a case of using filters to select the desired data. I think you may need to use quickcharts.

Let me know if that makes sense/helps, others please feel free to jump in.

Take a look at the app I shared with you. I have updated it with the suggestions above.

Thank you @Dan_San

I was really busy in the last couple of days but I’m going to take a look at your app. It looks like a very good option to decrease the number of rows and the “formula’s weight” in my spreadsheet.

Thx again for your time and help